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Colonial Revival Garden

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Colonial Revival Garden

As with all the revival themes, this garden style is best suited for homes that have authentic architectural features. The most recognizable form of the Colonial Revival home is the stately, two-story block structure, known as the “Classic Box”. Therefore, if your two-story home has round columns, a full-length porch, and brick veneer, you have the elements necessary to invoke the design of a Colonial Revival Garden.


Beginning with a symmetrical, clean and simple layout for hardscape areas, these gardens feature a front yard with a low picket fence and entry gate, a straight brick walkway leading to an elevated brick porch. The back yard patio is typically covered with a solid roof supported by round concrete columns.  Symmetrical walkways radiate out into manicured garden areas with bird baths, trellises or arbors, and a small swimming pool.


Colonial Revival Garden Elements: Creating a clean and simple look, the color palette of a Colonial garden is a mix of colorful pinks, creams, blues and pastel shades, softening the formal atmosphere. Picket fencing, stone walls, and brick or gravel pathways give way to arbors, sundials, and formal fountains.


The patio furniture can be antiques that celebrate colonial America, complimented by upholstery displaying pastel colors. Brick veneer barbeque islands and entertainment areas are near back yard entry. Walkways are to be brick, textured concrete, or interlocking pavers.


Colonial Revival Garden Plants: The symmetrical garden areas, often broken into four quadrants with walkways in between, feature clipped hedges, potted plants, and a symmetrical lawn area for family use. The formal plantings surround bird baths and sundials. The Colonists’ fundamental principles of survival demanded a raised vegetable garden and herbs in containers.


Plant selections include Magnolias, Crape Myrtles, Purple Leaf Plums, Citrus, and Dwarf Columnar Cypress or Junipers. Besides small-leaved shrubs for formal hedges, shrubs include Camellias, Privet, Holly, Hawthorn, and rows of Daylilies. Arbors are accented with Wisteria, and Red Trumpet Vines. A formal rose garden is an important design statement in the Colonial Revival Garden. Accent plantings include annual color, bulbs, and small, flowering shrubs.



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