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Beautiful Landscapes with Lawn Substitutes

Southern California’s

Changing Landscape


The drought is changing California’s landscape in some unexpected ways. Historically low rainfall is not only drying up lakes, turning streams to a trickle and causing the land to sink, it is weaning homeowners off lush, water-guzzling lawns that consume more than 50% of their water usage.


Perhaps it is time for you to become water wise, save money, and enjoy an eco-friendly landscape by replacing your lawn with flowering shrubs, groundcover, and mulch.


The new synthetic turfgrasses are also an excellent option, especially for those of us who love a traditional American lawn.


Other design alternatives such as rock gardens, permeable hardscape surfaces, and dry stream beds with boulders will enchance the look of your home.


Give me a call and we will discuss the alternatives for replacing your front lawn, as well as reducing the size of your recreational turf, the “play area”, in your back yard.


Before you contact me, take a look at some of the Garden Styles listed in the left-hand column. Go ahead, pick one that you like, and we will create a design to replace your lawn with a new, beautiful landscape.


Be water wise!

Patio Garden - Small Space Oasis


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Coastal Rock Garden

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Butterfly & Hummingbird Garden

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Craftsman Classic Garden

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My Garden Blog

“Give me odorous at sunrise,

a garden of beautiful flowers

where I can walk undisturbed.”

—Walt Whitman


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